My Go-To Food For Sick Toddler

You all know how tough it is when our kids are sick. Mothers are especially super-concerned with their food intake, sleep and comfort levels, while Father’s are no less during this time !. They are constantly worried even when sitting in the office and don’t miss to ask multiple times, if the kid is ok 🙂

Guess, parents definitely become a strong team when kids are unwell ! Our major concern as mothers is the food intake. While heavy, oily and spicy food is to be avoided, blanch food is not accepted by our little ones. The mothers seem to get tensed because what follows food is something important – Medicines.

There has to be something less on spice, easy to digest and tasty enough for the little one to agree on few morsels. I have my go-to food, that I prefer offering it to Zaa when she is down with viral.

1. Liquid(y) Rava Upma : 1/2 tsp of home made ghee, add in 1 kadipatta, 1 piece of finely chopped fresh garlic, 1/4th chilly(optional). When these splutter, add in 1 Tbsp of rava and sauce till it gets crispier. Add in salt, cumin powder (zeera) and turmeric powder. Stir for few seconds and add in 1 glass of water. Let it cook on high flame for a minute and cover it to cook well. Garnish it with coriander leaves.

Remember, this has very little ghee so that it is easy to digest.Also, it is of dropping consistency and liquid(y) so that its easier to gulp down. Serve it warm 🙂


2. Wheat Jaggery Porridge (Raab). : 1 tsp of ghee to be taken in a bowl. Add in ginger powder or fresh chopped ginger for the flavour. 2 tsp of wheat flour to be added and saute till it changes its colour. Add half a glass of jaggery water (jaggery melted in water and sieve it to remove impurities) and stir it continuously to avoid lumps. As it starts to boil, grate in 1 almond (optional). This is to be served warm. Works very well, when the chid is down with cold.


3. Chicken Clear Soup : Boil a piece of chicken with 1 glass of water, salt to taste and a pinch of home-made ginger garlic paste. After the soup is ready, add a tsp of hand crushed oats to it and let it boil to add consistency to the soup. Garnishing with a corriander twig adds to the flavour. Enhances taste and also fills the tummy 🙂 This definitely has to go in warm to get maximum benefit.


4. Green Moong Dal Khichdi : 2 tsp of green moong and 2 tsp of rice to be soaked in 1 big glass of water for 15 mins. Add in salt and let it boil for good 7-8 whistles. This forms a completely smashed and liquid like texture which is easy to consume when ill. Add in 1/2 tsp of home made ghee and let the kid relish when warm.

5. Mushy rice mixed with boiled daal : This definitely is one of the most common meal for unwell kids (or for that matter, even adults ). I try offering mushy rice (cooked with more water) with a watery dal to feel light. Only boiled dal can be offered if the kid discards rice or roti.


6. Apple is my go to fruit when Zaa is unwell or for that matter anyone is unwell. This fruit is excellent and makes you feel fresh when consumed. Dates and Marie biscuits are other snack options that can be tried too. I avoid giving “milk” when Zaa has high fever.


I personally believe that the child should be given the lead. Let them eat whatever they feel like , when they aren’t keeping well (unless it is harmful ). The above recipes are my go-to recipes when Zaa is down and needs that energy to keep her going. Indeed tough days , but worth the effort.

What do you offer your kid when unwell ? Please leave your ideas in the comment below, I would love to know them. Will catch up soon with another blog post , sooner.

Until then, Sayonara !

Mumtaz Surani