Things to Remember while visiting a new baby

Visiting to see the new born baby and mommy is an exciting job ! And each one of us are in awe while looking at the tiny soul who has just entered the world. The excitement of joining the family in their happiness, the joy of the new member entering their life and the sight of little hands and legs moving is surely a joy to the soul. Its such fun to purchase gifts, go n check out the baby with it’s tiny tactics that melt your Β heart.
Having said that, seeing a baby is a challenging task too ! Because a lot goes behind the scenes that we aren’t aware of ! Either we are not a parent or we have been a parent long ago and have probably forgotten our times πŸ™‚
Baby Zaa when she was 5 days old πŸ™‚
The new parents are extremely scared to handle and raise this tiny tot. While they are happy for this new blessing, they are also mesmerized with the major change in their routine. Everything revolves around the baby now , even the sleeping and eating ! They are tired of sleepless nights and afraid of what may come next and how will they handle it with the baby.
I thought I should jot down a list to be taken care of when visiting a baby. Now that I’m a mother, I understand it’s importance like never before.
πŸ’•Don’t touch the baby without washing your hands. The baby is too tiny and sensitive to catch up on infections. Parents may shy to ask you to wash your hands and touch the baby.Please do it yourself, we all know there are germs everywhere.
πŸ’•Don’t kiss the baby, especially on her face, or pull her cheeks. Though you may do it gently, no parent likes that.
Baby Zaa’s tiny feet
πŸ’•Avoid letting your kids (if they accompany you) go too near to the new born. Kids react/ respond too quickly and may harm the new born unintentionally. It is always to better to take care than say a “sorry” or scold your kid for an accident.
πŸ’•Avoid visiting a baby if you are down with viral or any infection. Babies catch them super fast !
πŸ’•Don’t talk or laugh too loud, it irritates the new born. The baby has just entered a new world and coping up with our world.
πŸ’•Do not comment on her weight (high or low), the colour of the skin or the baby’s features. It really hurts the parent. No matter how lightly or indirectly you say it.
πŸ’•Don’t wake the baby if she is asleep. We have no idea what it takes to put the baby to sleep !! Just because you have visited her, doesn’t mean that she must be awake.Respect the new born’s time table and the parents effort.
πŸ’• Please don’t click the baby’s pictures without asking the parents ! Parents may not be comfortable with that. This is a part of ettiquette of visiting new born. Uploading the pic on your status or social media is absolutely not acceptable.
πŸ’•Relax and sit in a comfortable posture, if you wish to carry the new born.
πŸ’•Β Don’t keep lecturing the new mom with the do’s and dont’s , unless asked for ! Believe me, everyone talks that same thing. Don’t scare her, for she has a long long journey ahead !
Last but not the least, please call the parent and ask or inform about visiting them. The mom will then nurse, clean n change her baby, so that your meet goes smoothly. It is not decent to disturb the new baby n new mommy.Their routine is already disturbed, landing without informing may disturb it even more.
It is high time that we get in their shoes and be kind. For being kind is not at all harmful. There are surely some set of manners that are unsaid or unwritten and we need to need to be aware of those.
Next time you or your loved ones visit a baby, do keep the above points in mind. It will surely make the new mom happy.
Meet you soon with my next blog, super soon.
Sayonara !
Mumtaz Surani Merchant