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Baby Recipes | Quick and Healthy Ideas | 6-12 months

Most of us exclusively breast feed our babies till 6 months and I bet the joy of completing it successfully cannot be measured.

I was eagerly waiting for my little bub to start weaning or upper food along. I couldn’t wait to see her explore ‘taste’ , ‘texture’ and a whole lot of natural foods.

Regardless, the excitement was real, yet I wished to give her healthy and natural food. I was sure that I’m gradually gonna introduce her to all variety of fruits and veggies.

This is how I fed Zaa when she was 6-7 months. All the steel utensils were sterilized and then used.

Here are a few quick and easy recipes for 6 to 12 month old babies (a requested topic ).

1. Mango chapati puree : This was a hit, I swear ! Just took a piece of fresh home made wheat flour chapati and half a mango chopped. Grind them to puree and feed your lil one. This ensures that chapati is consumed and the tummy is full too !

2. Green moong dal khicdi : 1 tsp of rice + 2 tsp of green moong dal with a cup of water , soaked for 30 mins (optional). Pressure cook (without salt) in the beginning. All you get is a runny liquid khicdi. Add a drop of home made ghee when your baby reaches 7-8 months.

3. Oats Veggies Soup/Khicdi : A tsp of ghee and chopped garlic.1 tsp of oats + few grated veggies like carrot, beet, capsicum, peas , spinach,tomatoes. Cook and smash it to be thick and runny. You can add a pinch of turmeric powder + jeera powder to it after your baby reaches 8 months. Make it a little thick and mushy and call it oats khicdi.

Oats Veggies Khicdi

4. Rawa banana dairy free kheer : 1 tsp rawa to be roasted in a pinch of ghee + half mashed banana + grated coconut flakes + 1/4th cup of water. Mix and let it cook till it turns mushy. Add cinnamon powder or elaichi powder with dry fruits powder when the baby reaches 8 months or when you startΒ  introducing spices

5. Ragi porridge : 1tsp of ragi to be roasted in a pinch of ghee. Add grated almond and jaggery water or 1 date smashed. Add water as required and cook till it turns into a flowing consistency. Use half a almond if the baby is below 8 months.

Ragi porridge made for ZaaΒ 

6. Rawa upma : Pinch of ghee and 1/4th garlic crushed along with 1 curry leave , a pinch of turmeric and cumin powder (skip for a 6 months baby). Add in 1 tsp of rawa and roast it till it changes colour. Add in half a cup of vegetable stock and cook. Add a twig of fresh corriander. Put it aside when you feed the baby

7. Natural milkshakes : 1/4th smashed banana or smashed mangoe or peeled and smashed chikoo. 1/4th cup of breast milk πŸ™‚ Yes, you heard that right ! Use a pump to express milk from the breast or you can use your hands to squeeze out milk. Mix both nicely to form a mushy milkshake and feed your baby instantly.

8. Mixed dal khicdi : 1 tsp of yellow moong dal, green moong daal, toor dal and masoor dal (you can skip any) + 1 tsp of rice. Wash and soak , add rough chopped tomatoes and onion, cumin powder , turmeric powder and a pinch of salt (for babies 8months +). Pressure cook and add few drops of ghee. Serve hot.

9. Oats porridge : This was zaa’s favourite and almost everyday breakfast when she was around 8 months. 2 tsp of oats + 1/4th cup milk + 1 chopped de-seeded date or 1/4th banana and a dash of home made dry fruits powder. Cook till done and see the magic πŸ™‚

These are few quick ideas if you have recently started weaning your baby and you have no idea what to give her everyday !

Please note that salt and sugar is not to be given till your baby turns 12 months. In case your baby is a fussy eater and denies eating at all, add just a mini pinch for taste, only for the baby who are 8 months and above.

All ingredients that are mentioned above are to be introduced step wise and increase the quantity gradually as the months are passed.

For example : A pinch of ghee in 6th month can gradually increase to 1/4th tsp of ghee during 9 month and so does all other quantities increase.

Try including various veggies like bottle guard, pumpkin, spinach, broccoli, peas, sweet potatoes etc in their soups and khicdi. This will give them variety of flavours and the kid would gradually eat everything because it is addicted to all taste , from beginning.

Hope this article helps to the new mothers πŸ™‚ If you would like to have a few finger food ideas for your baby who has just started weaning, please comment below and I will surely jot a post on that.

Also, if you are a mother looking for healthy snack ideas post 12 months , leave a comment and I’ll schedule a new post , based on our experience.

Don’t forget to tag @tinysoul.zaa on instagram if you happen to try the above ideas for your little one πŸ™‚

See you in my next post.

Until then, Sayonara !

Mumtaz Surani Merchant

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