Baby Shower Gift Ideas

In a society that we stay, “Godh Bharayi” has always been a traditional and cultural event celebrated in the family after 7th month of pregnancy to bless the new mommy and welcome the soon to come new baby which is surely considered as a huge blessing.

People of all religion and culture have their different way of celebrating this event and its definitely a family and friends together bash. Apart from this traditional function, there is also a party thrown (which is majorly a surprise to the to-be-mommy) by her set of young friends/ cousins, called “Baby Shower”.

Baby Shower has been a very common and exciting affair these days and I really like the pampering and limelight the mommy-to-be gets that day. It is surely a memorable event and I strongly feel Lucky to have a sister that took loads of effort to manage one for me. It is going to stay in my memory forever πŸ™‚

Lets not waste too much time and jump to the topic of this post – Gift Ideas. Be it a baby shower or be it a godh bharayi, there is always a need to gift your loved one – the new mommy to be and the tiny one coming soon πŸ™‚

Since it is always a matter of confusion , I thought I should pour in few ideas πŸ™‚ I strictly believe that gifting toys and clothes to the new baby doesn’t make much sense. For me , baby shower is actually more about the mommy and not the baby πŸ˜‰ If you think the same, keep reading and try gifting these to your loved one for the next upcoming baby shower.

  1. Feeding/Maternity clothes for the new mom. Please don’t forget that we exist in the 21st century ! A little fashion and style needs to be considered. These clothes are really a big time saviour and so comfortable and easy to feed on the go !
  2. Post Pregnancy Care Kit : May include some good body lotions, body wash, lip balm, body butter, nipple butter in the kit – all for the mommy !
  3. Nursing Cover : It is such a comfort to carry this wherever you go, so that both, the mommy and baby are cosy and comfortable while the feeding session. Even if the mom already has one, it is ok. Because, who doesn’t like carrying a different design and colour for a change, or when one cover is soiled and in the washing !
  4. Flexible and Trendy Diaper Bag : Diaper bags are always a hit ! And if it is a bag pack, it is even more comfortable. Again, more than one bag will never harm. So even if she might have one, I’m sure the mom will be glad πŸ™‚
  5. Set of Comics or Book : Try gifting a set of comics or maybe some nice parenting hacks or motivational book if the new mommy to be is a good reader or is fond of books. This will surely help her relax Β in her “Me” Time.
  6. On the go changing mat : A different design will always offer her more options. See to it, that they are flexible to use , wash and easy to carry.
  7. Baby Carrier : This is a very good option if you have a slightly high budget or you plan to give a group gift to the new mommy.
  8. A set of baby books : There are variety of touch and feel books and board books for babies. This is surely a lovely gift to help the mommy raise a reader.
  9. Charming Jar : A pretty jar filled with some positive notes to help her pass through her journey OR a box with few packed stuffs to pamper herself- a coffee puch, few dark choclates, scented candles, dried berries and nuts to munch on, energy bars, essential oils etc
  10. Spa coupons : Some time to relax – mind and body is an excellent way to gift her some ‘Me’time and you have no idea how her heart will send out sincere prayers to you πŸ™‚ Just be careful of the coupon expiry date and see to it that it lasts little longer

Baby Shower may just be another small funtion/event to us, but is surely a great joy, session of love and pamper and loads of memories collected for the Mom-to-be, for years to come, probably a life time !

Signing uo for now. If you found this blog helpful or interesting, dont forget to leave a comment or your feedback below. Means alot πŸ™‚


Mumtaz Surani



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There’s nothing more exciting than finding out your friend is having a baby. And more interesting and sometimes tough to decide baby shower gifts. You mentioned some unique baby shower gifts almost covered with the best baby shower gifts around. Thanks for sharing

These look like cool gift ideas, having the right gifts for an occasion esp like baby shower is so important. None of my circle is going to be having babies anytime soon, but I will definitely keep these ideas in mind.

These are some awesome list of gifts that can be given on baby shower or godh bharayi. I received a lot of baby clothes in the same and silverware too.

These are some of the great ideas for gifting in babyshower . I like the spa coupon idea ..

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